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What Are The Cheap Places To Fly To This Winter?

You may be looking for a getaway to warmer weather or a mountain location to enjoy some time on the slopes once the holiday rush has subsided and the dead of winter has descended. Nothing makes you eager for a vacation more than a little cold weather, no matter how expensive it may be. A new calendar with plenty of open vacation days comes with the start of a new year. You Can Book cheap all inclusive holidays on Seven Zones Tavel.

The quiet period of winter that follows the holidays is one of the best times to travel if you want to start 2022 with a little travel—preferably at a price that is also affordable.

Not only are there fewer people around, but before the spring rush in late March, you can usually find some of the year's lowest rates. Therefore, take a look at these surprisingly cheap places to fly to this winter before you blow all of your savings on a lavish vacation.

1. Maldives – One of the Cheapest Countries To Visit From the UK

Is there a more opulent location than The Maldives to experience social isolation? This archipelago is one of the most opulent and ideal locations for winter sun.

Since most hotels are located on exclusive islands, you are almost certain to have the best beaches for yourself. A stay in an overwater villa is among the most well-known ways to travel to the Maldives. Although some self-contained units have private pools, you can simply jump right in because they are perched over the turquoise, calm waters of the lagoon.

2. Bali - Where It Is Hot And Cheap In December

Bali's median December temperature is 27°C. For a good reason, Southeast Asia's winter sun kingpin is tropical Bali, whose white-sand beaches and lush rainforest check all the right boxes for a warm-weather getaway.

Formerly run-down Canggu draws blissed-out surfers and Indonesia's thriving digital nomad community, while Ubud, a village of artists, is a destination for those looking for a more spiritual getaway. A wellness resort that does it right is Six Senses Uluwatu. It is perched on a high clifftop overlooking the Indian Ocean on Bali's southern coast.

You'll enjoy The Slow in Canggu, a 12-room hideaway with an achingly cool brew of art, music, and decor. Capella Ubud, a riverside jungle retreat, feels like a 19th-century tented camp in Africa and serves as an excellent base without falling into the usual desert-island stereotypes.

Incredibly beautiful villas and Airbnbs are available in Bali – one of the top Cheap Places To Fly To This Winter, for groups traveling together, including Laputa Villa, also referred to as "The Bamboo Castle in the Sky," and sleeping four people.

3. Prague – One Of The Cheapest Places To Fly To In Europe From the UK

Prague's Baroque palaces and charming cobblestone streets make it seem like something from a fairytale, and it never fails to be romantic. Take a stroll through the old town while wearing warm clothing, stopping at art galleries and designer shops along the way. Prague offers many affordable lodging options, particularly in the winter and outside of peak season.

With a few exceptions, Christmas markets are open in Prague from November 28 through January 6. Along with being open on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day, this is longer than in most European nations.

Hundreds of stalls sell various goods, including ceramics, wooden toys and puppets, ceramic ornaments for trees, and local handicrafts. So, don't miss the chance to visit the cheapest Places To Fly To In Europe From Uk.

4. Cancun - The Cheapest Place To Fly In Mexico

You have undoubtedly heard of the renowned beach city Cancun if you consider a trip to Mexico. Budget backpackers will find Cancun to be a great place to party and have a good time. As one of the most populated cities in the nation, lodging in this town can range from very cheap to very expensive.

There are many tourist traps in Cancun that can cost up to hundreds of dollars, but a backpacker can really see the city on the cheap if they explore cenotes, beaches, and waterfalls on their own. You can welcome visitors, cook, or create social media content while volunteering in Cancun. If you learn the bus routes and system, you can independently explore most of the city's beautiful cities while saving money.

With so many cenotes, pyramids, beaches, and pre-colonial sites, Mexico offers a wide variety of activities that make it nearly impossible to become bored. Winter vacations in Mexico can be exciting, rejuvenating, relaxing, and adventurous.

5. Las Vegas – One Of The Best Countries To Visit in September

Las Vegas is one of the world's most entertaining cities, so no one would refuse to visit. Las Vegas is a must-see destination because of its vibrant nightlife. It is among the top locations to visit in September 2022, if that makes sense. There begin to blow cool breezes in the month of September, making it a refreshing place to visit. The festival called Life is Beautiful, which is focused on music, and the arts, also adds to the excitement of September.

The Fountains of Bellagio, which have appeared in numerous Hollywood movies, are among the top free attractions in Las Vegas and draw millions of tourists there each year. The evening spent taking in aerial views of Las Vegas – one of the Best Countries To Visit in September, from some of its best vantage points is a must-do on your trip. You have many options, including viewing towers and scenic dining locations.

6. Greece – One Of The Cheapest Places To Fly From the UK

Due to its temperate climate, Crete is one of the most sought-after locations for winter sun. The island experiences average 14–15°C wintertime temperatures due to its location at the southernmost point of the Aegean Sea. The natural landscapes of Crete are incredibly diverse, with endless sandy bays giving way to lush hills and snow-capped mountains. Alfonsi, Balos, and Falassarna are among the most popular beaches.

Explore the beauty of the island while there are fewer tourists around in the winter. Visit the Minoan Palace ruins outside of Heraklion, wander through the historic districts of Chania and Rethymnon, take in the Venetian architecture, and then get lost in the Vai palm forest.

When dining out, anticipate receiving at least one complimentary glass of raki (a potent local spirit), as Cretans are renowned for their cuisine and hospitality.

7. Southern Cyprus – One Of The Top Cheap Places To Fly In Europe

Cyprus has just been crowned the best economical winter sun getaway for Brits. Additionally, it offers a wonderful fusion of vibrant metropolitan culture and quiet village life. The city of Limassol (or Lemesos, either is fine) has a thriving cafe culture & boutique retail scene.

This is definitely one of the Cheap Places To Fly In Europe and also has a rich romantic history. While young and old still flock to the fabled Aphrodite's Rock down the coast, where Richard the Lionheart was married, lovebirds of all ages still visit the medieval castle close to the old harbor.

A stunning and incredibly affordable group of six rustic-chic suites and cottages for 2-4 were discovered in the nearby hamlet of Psematismenos. Clustered around a main pool & courtyard garden, with loungers & convivial patios, Modus Vivendi is the perfect setting for a relaxing holiday of reading, sunbathing, fish tavernas & light sightseeing.

8. Barbados – Known As The Top Cheap Hot Countries In December

Despite being the last month of the year, December is far from the last when it comes to fantastic travel offers. A family vacation to Switzerland, a sunny getaway to Mallorca, or a trip to stunning Thailand are all ideal throughout the month of December. When seeking hot places to go in December, the Caribbean would undoubtedly be on the list of destinations to get some winter sun.

December is a terrific time to travel & enjoy a Cheap holiday to Barbados as the rainy season will be coming to an end. Although temperatures may reach 29.6 °C, a decrease in humidity and stronger winds will keep you cooler. Numerous cave tours, glass-bottom boat excursions, and rum tasting are among the things you can do while on vacation in Barbados.

Other Cheap Places To Fly To This Winter


South Africa is the best and least expensive place to travel in the winter, especially in January. It will be a pleasant vacation, but not too hot, with an incredible 11 hours of sunlight most days throughout the month. The temperatures are expected to reach just around 20 °C. Wine-growing is an activity that is becoming more and more popular in Cape Town; taking a trip to a winery is a wonderful way to pass some time while on vacation in breathtaking South Africa.

The white beaches, which are located in the shadow of the enormous Table Mountain, stand out beautifully against the emerald green of the local vegetation. Further exploration is possible thanks to the Garden Route's abundance of road trip-worthy tarmacs and the nearby Kruger National Park's abundance of wildlife.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain's chic capital city, sits in the center of the nation and offers a convenient starting point for your travels there. Madrid, a dynamic city with a distinctly European flair and the best tapas in the world, also has a fascinating history that dates back to the Stone Age and comes among the top cheap Places To Fly to this winter.

This city, which is home to Real Madrid and the Spanish royal family, is a must-visit for anyone looking for culture and sunshine without taking a lengthy flight. In the winter, temperatures are comparable to those in the UK, but the skies are frequently more clear and crisp.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. These locations will undoubtedly entice you to book a winter vacation immediately. Don't you think these Cheap Places To Fly To This Winter are amazing? Be sure to dress warmly and take in the holiday season if you do decide to visit a nice (and cold) location.


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