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When Is The Cheapest Time To Fly To Australia?

Australia is a fascinating nation of contrasts with modern cities, snow-capped mountains, dramatic beaches, and the outback that resembles the desert. The journey to Australia is one that is definitely worthwhile. More than enough people worldwide are drawn to the country by its expansive, breathtaking landscapes and seascapes. Even though the trip is well worth the cost of the flight there, it is still nice to save a little money.

You now have more money to use for your vacation. But is there a tip for reducing the cost of a flight to Australia? Yes. How much is a plane ticket to Australia? How far in advance should I book if I want to get the best deals on flights to Australia? And which day offers the best deals on airfare to Australia?

We are all interested in these questions. Seven Zones Travel has examined information from millions of Cheap flights to provide a conclusive response. Let's find out then, when is the cheapest time to fly to Australia?

·   Monday Is The Cheapest Day Of The Week To Fly To Australia

According to various statistics, the cheapest time to fly to Australia from the United States is Monday, so if you think you can handle the anticipation as it builds over the weekend, it's definitely worth waiting to book your flight to Australia until then. Additionally, it has been discovered that Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to book flights to Australia, while anything after that is bad news if you're watching your wallet.

·   Wednesday Is The Least Expensive Day Of The Week To Book A Flight To Australia

Even though it might seem silly, rearranging your weekly schedule just a little bit so that you look for and reserve your one-way flights to Australia from the United States on a Wednesday might help you save some of those much-needed dollars on the cost of your ticket. For instance, by booking on Wednesdays, travelers on routes from JFK in New York to Melbourne could save as much as$37, while travelers on the nonstop flight from Dallas to Sydney could save a total of $27.

·   Tuesday Is The Least Expensive Day To Leave Australia

Try to plan your return trip from the glittering beaches of New South Wales or the vibrant reefs of Queensland for a Tuesday because that's when cheap flights in Australia are found, and their prices are at their typical weekly low. If Tuesday is completely out of the question and you simply can't think of leaving the Australian sun before midweek, Wednesday returns are also a pretty good option, with flights costing just a little more than the day before.

·   Fly From Honolulu, Dallas, Or Los Angeles To Find The Lowest Flights

With their gasp-worthy flight durations of more than 17 hours, direct cheapest flights to Australia from the US can be a daunting experience for tourists, but they can also provide significant savings when it counts. Only four cities currently offer direct flights to Australia; Honolulu is the cheapest, with average roundtrip costs averaging $1,095. Dallas and Los Angeles are next, with roundtrip costs averaging around $1,500, and San Francisco is the most expensive, costing $1,700.

·   Try To Make Your Reservations Two To Four Months Beforehand

The key to finding cheap flights is making the appropriate reservations in advance. Prices may increase if reservations are made too soon or too late. It is advised to try making reservations up to 4 months in advance to know the cheapest time to fly to Australia. It is important to keep in mind that checking back on flight costs during the 2 to 4 month window can also help you get a lower price. Flight prices can change, so it never hurts to check and ask for a price adjustment if the booking website permits it.

·       November, February, Or March Are The Cheapest Month To Fly To Australia

Keeping an eye on yearly price trends for flights between America and Australia is worthwhile if you're trying to maximize your Bondi Beach budget. This is because, according to some statistics, leaving in November (just in time for the Australian summer), February, and March (ideal for a little winter sun), can result in savings of up to $450 for travelers, with average roundtrip costs of around $1,550.

Flying during peak season in January, when tickets soar to almost $2,000 roundtrip, is a whole lot more expensive than that. So,  these three months are the cheapest time to fly to Australia from the UK.

·       Search For Cheap Airline Tickets To Australia With Seven Zones Travel

There is no substitute for concentrating on connections between your specific departure and arrival airports, even though it's smart to stay ahead of regional trends for flights between the United States and Australia in general.

For information on those statistics, be sure to visit Seven Zones Travel's When to Fly and Buy Reports Page, which provides up-to-date data on the lowest price of flights to Australia, cheapest departure days, booking times, and more, all sourced from millions of pieces of data from all over the web every month.

The all-new deals page at Sven Zones Travel is a must-visit every day if you are familiar with the airport you want to fly out of and are hoping to score a fantastic deal on your flight to Australia. It provides regular updates on any flash sales from your airport and will make sure you always have a step up on the competition when those highly sought-after 75%-off seats or half-price fares go on sale and provide you the cheapest airline tickets to Australia

Bottom Line

Due to its vast diversity, it would take weeks or even months to explore all that Australia has to offer fully. It pays to research the dates because travel prices fluctuate like other tourist destinations and with the seasons. If you can travel on various days of the week, you might be able to save a little money on your airfare.

Booking your cheap airline tickets to Australia and lodging jointly as opposed to separately could result in significant savings. Spend some time researching right now. You'll be able to stay in Australia longer if you do it that way.


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